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Outdoor Fitness Classes & Personal Training in Barming, Maidstone, Kent

Buggy Bootcamp classes

Our Popular Classes

  • Kettlebell Bootcamp

    All over body workout using kettlebells and body weight.

  • Circuits

    Circuit training using a combination of weights, equipment and body weight to ensure you get a full body workout.

  • HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

    High intensity interval training combines short bursts of intense exercise with periods of rest or lower-intensity exercise and is a mix aerobic and resistance training.

Mumma's & Bubba's Buggy Bootcamp

Workout specifically for Mum's that want to back into fitness after having a baby. Whether you were well trained before birth or simply want to try something new and get fit, we have something for everyone to suit all abilities.

Two classes per week. Tuesday outside on Barming Heath and Thursday inside at Hermitage Park community centre.


Barming Heath9:30am (60 mins)Total Body Bootcamp BookBuggy Bootcamp Book
Barming Heath6:30pm (60 mins)Circuits Book
Hermitage Park9:30am (60 mins)Buggy Bootcamp Book
Barming Heath6:30pm (30 mins)HIIT Book
Barming Heath7:00pm (45 mins)Kettlebell Bootcamp Book
Barming Heath9:00am (60 mins)Saturday Bootcamp Book

Personal Training

We offer personal 1:1 training and buddy training 2:1 if you would rather train together.

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Where to find us

Barming Heath
Heath Road
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